Top 3 reasons why you need website personalization

One page + one message + a plethora of unique customers online = 98% failure

The average website conversion rate is only two percent for a reason. Digital marketing is hard – and it’s even more difficult when you have one website to connect with a wide range of different individuals and explain the value of your product or services. Good luck, right?

Fortunately, Persosa’s personalization platform empowers you to customize your website based on who is seeing it – so you can speak to completely different audiences and successfully convey what you bring to the table. Instead of having to choose one target persona, or water down generic content for everyone, we give you a third option. After all, there’s hardly an “average” consumer anymore. Everyone is online and they all want a personalized experience.

AdWeek, for example, found that 73 percent of consumers feel like they haven’t been engaged with in a personal way. And, more importantly, they want to be! They want to feel like you’re using all the consumer data you’re collecting in a way that provides value for them.

With Persosa, you can tailor the entire customer journey based on the data you choose. This includes: geo-targeting, paid media campaigns, referring website, email engagement, previous on-site behavior and social media engagement. Website personalization enables you to better understand your audience groups and customize the content and images they see based on their background and needs.

Here are the top three reasons why you need website personalization:

  1. To customize your content: Extend targeted messages from social media, emails and ads to your website. Why should tailored content lead to a generic website? It doesn’t make sense! Personalization will make consumers feel known and offer increased value.
  2. To connect with consumers: Engagement cultivates loyalty. Salesforce found that “70 percent of consumers say a company’s understanding of their individual needs influences their loyalty.” Consumers want to see images and content that matters to them, and product recommendations that make sense. That presents a huge opportunity for your website – and encourages customers to return.
  3. To improve your conversion rate: This will ultimately result from custom content and engaged consumers. When your customers have a positive brand experience, they’re more likely to make a purchase, come back again and tell friends about it. Here’s how Spiritual Gangster increased their conversion rate by 49 percent with personalization.

With Persosa, you can connect with a wide range of consumers through custom content – which will ultimately increase customer engagement and conversion rates. To learn more about website personalization and the opportunities it presents for business growth, read our white paper.