How to personalize your eCommerce experience: Introducing Persosa + Shopify Flow

As the digital marketplace continues to expand, businesses are constantly on the lookout for better ways to stand out and attract consumers. Shopify, an eCommerce platform for merchants and entrepreneurs, offers many ways to improve the retail experience and streamline backend shop processes.

In fact, that’s why they created their automation platform, Shopify Flow. The platform helps merchants streamline different aspects of their eCommerce business to save money, time and resources. It strives to solve the gaps between siloed apps and services and simplify complex business systems. Connectors – third-party applications and partners who can combine with other apps, automate tasks and trigger workflows – play a large role in the Shopify Flow success.

As a new Connector for Shopify Flow, Persosa enables Shopify merchants to personalize the entire website experience for customers, from images and headlines to product recommendations and CTAs. With Persosa, you can segment customers based on real-time data – including the site they came from, ad campaign clicks, location, onsite behavior and personal demographics – in order to give them more relevant content and a better experience. Persosa can also help merchants detect when customers start a new session or when an anonymous new visitor is identified. You can set specific triggers that lead to actions within your automated workflows.

See how the Persosa Connector for Shopify Flow works

When an existing customer comes to your site, they will be served a personalized experience based on a previous order they made with you. Using Shopify Flow, the Persosa Connector will trigger a sequence that allows you to tag that customer with the specific experience they saw on your page. Then, when you pull up that customer record in Shopify, you’ll be able to see exactly what website experience they’ve seen. Later, another action may occur that sets a new tag on that customer somewhere else in Shopify. Via Shopify Flow, Persosa will be notified and can update their experience to include the additional information learned about them.

“Adding Persosa’s website personalization platform to our automation ecosystem is going to be a powerful combination for Shopify Plus merchants,” Anthony Kentris, Shopify Plus Product Marketing Manager, said. “It will now be easier to create personalized experiences to better engage, convert, and retain customers; ultimately leading to more revenue.”

Website personalization is quickly becoming a necessity to stay competitive in our ever-advancing technological society. Consumers today know that we have the capability to improve their digital experiences, and they’re more willing to do business with brands who provide personalization. A recent study found that: “Over the next few years, $800 billion in sales will shift to e-retailers that use site personalization, and away from those that don’t.”

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t get left behind in the digital clutter! Contact the Persosa team today to learn more about website personalization and how it can help you deliver a better customer experience and stand out from the competition.

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