Conversions & competition: The benefits of website personalization for apparel brands

Worldwide revenue for the eCommerce clothing segment is projected to grow from $317 billion to $475 billion by 2022.

As the internet continues to expand opportunities for the apparel industry, it brings both good news and bad news for merchants. It means that there are lower barriers to entry for selling clothing, increased platform and service options, and more people shopping online – so there are a wealth of potential customers out there for you. It also means, however, that you’ll have more competition than ever before.

Fortunately, website personalization can solve that problem. By delivering a better digital experience – with personalized content, images, recommendations and more – you can differentiate your brand and stand out from the rest. Of course, there are many other benefits when it comes to website personalization. We dive into the details below!

What are the benefits of website personalization for apparel companies?

It gives consumers a better experience. Consumers today are more curious, more demanding and more impatient. They know that there are countless clothing companies out there today, but many want to support brands and businesses that offer a personalized experience by way of tailored content, relevant recommendations and more. They don’t just want the cheapest item – they want to connect with a brand story or a shirt’s message.

It increases your conversion rate. By providing consumers with a more consistent and engaging experience, you’re more likely to convert them. Spiritual Gangster, for example, used Persosa’s personalization platform to extend their brand’s appeal to new customers without diluting their brand equity with loyal customers. This resulting in a 49 percent increase in their conversion rate – plus a 31 percent increase in add-to-cart clicks.

It keeps you competitive. As other businesses start to recognize the benefits of website personalization and implement it, you don’t want to get left behind! Personalization is necessary to stay competitive and offer your customers more value. As this article points out: “Over the next few years, $800 billion in sales will shift to e-retailers that use site personalization, and away from those that don’t.”

It supports all other marketing efforts. From tailored emails to targeted social media ads, you’re probably already using some level of personalization within digital marketing. Website personalization brings those efforts home and connects them with your on-site experience. If a consumer clicks an ad for a holiday sweater, for example, they should be shown that same sweater on your website – not thrown back to a generic homepage. You can even take it a step further and recommend a recent blog post about the best festive outfit ideas or show related holiday products.

It’s easy to implement. Website personalization offers a unique, effective way to boost your marketing strategy without taking up all of your time and resources. You can start simply by installing a website code and tweaking your content and images based on consumer location or basic demographics. We break it down into three easy steps here.

So, why should consumers choose your shirts or jackets over someone else’s? Website personalization makes the answer obvious. From a more streamlined website to a better experience, it will help you stand out and win new business. If you’re ready to see how website personalization can work for your brand, you can request a Persosa demo here.