Build on back-to-school buzz with website personalization

“Don’t you love New York in the fall? It makes me want to buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address.”

This quote, from You’ve Got Mail, captures the magic of a new school year. Even if you’ve been out of class for years (or decades!), it conjures up the feeling of crisp notebooks, sharp pencils, friendly faces and an energy that anything is possible. For those who don’t live in our desert of a state, it likely comes with the promise of changing leaves, chilly mornings and comfy sweaters as well.

The start of school is also a milestone, of course, for marketers. It indicates the emerging fall season and upcoming slew of holidays. Along with school supplies and new clothes, it means work schedules and weekday routines – and less time for vacations or shopping. Even those without kids seem to tap into the same altered energy and jump back into the office grind this time of year with extra gusto.

Everyone is busier at work or in the carpool line, yes, but they’re all still online on some kind of device. And as our society continues to move toward more digitalization and heightened convenience (why go into a grocery store when you can pre-order everything for pick up?), marketers have to adapt. That’s where website personalization comes in. If a consumer knows what they need – and they don’t want to (or have time to) browse around for it – then why wouldn’t you make it easy for them to find?

We have all of the data we need for website personalization, and now it’s just a matter of incorporating it into our marketing strategies in real time. Personalization is data-driven marketing at its finest. It empowers businesses to connect with the right consumers at the right time – with the right message. If Susan is looking for new clothes for her daughter and Jenny wants a new watch for work, you can use website personalization to tailor each experience based on their needs. You can create an impactful back-to-school experience that speaks to a different audience (like parents) than another experience that focuses on office attire.

By using real-time analytics to understand consumers’ needs and motivations, you can give them what they want, when they want it – and simultaneously increase your value and conversion rate while reducing shopping cart abandonment. With personalization, you can exceed your customers’ expectations and maximize your website potential. We outline the benefits below:

Increased relevancy: Who has time to search through a million website pages and categories? If a consumer has clicked on your ad for boots, show them the shoes – not sunglasses! This is a minor way to make a big impact on your website relevancy and keep consumers interested. Personalization platforms, like Persosa, integrate with other apps and services to collect all of the data you need to make this happen.

Personalized experiences: After segmenting your audience into personas, personalization allows you to create unique website experiences for each group. And 70 percent of consumers say that they’ve chosen, recommended or paid more for a brand that provides a personalized retail experience. If you deliver the right experience at the right time, you won’t just get a new customer, but potentially a brand advocate as well.

Better ROI: Don’t worry – the benefits extend to you, too! Personalization can help your website perform at its maximum potential, resulting in an increase in conversion rates and a better return on all media spend. In fact, 88 percent of marketers reported measureable improvements due to personalization.

Harness the back-to-school energy and jump on this opportunity to improve your website and your customers’ experience today! Learn more about incorporating website personalization into your marketing strategy in our white paper, “What is personalization & how can it impact your marketing strategy?”