Is your business failing 98% of the time?

“Failing to plan is planning to fail.”

That quote, attributed to Benjamin Franklin, applies to business and digital marketing in many key ways. After all, if we aren’t able to embrace technology and make a plan to implement new ideas and adapt to changes, what are we left with? A failing business.

The average eCommerce conversion rate is only two percent, for example, which means we’re failing the rest of the time. We’re losing 98 percent of our potential customers online – and instead of doing anything about it, we’ve just settled. We shrug off those crazy low conversion rates (maybe that’s just the way it is!) and focus instead on emails, social media and advertising.

We have a wealth of resources and tools at our fingertips, and yet many of us are still leading all of our marketing efforts back to the same generic website. We’re giving individuals a glimpse of recognition by way of targeted ads and personalized emails, and then slamming them with anonymity on our homepage. We need a plan to keep up with consumer trends and provide custom content. We need a plan in order to rise above a two percent conversion rate.

That’s where personalization comes in. If you want a plan for success, we’ve got it! With personalization, you can improve your website conversion rate and your overall user experience. You can connect with consumers and build a business that goes beyond formal transactions and one-size-fits-all marketing.

Personalization creates a targeted experience for audience segments in real-time. With Persosa’s personalization platform, you can tailor content, messages, CTAs and more based on a variety of categories in order to transform the customer journey. Individuals will get a different homepage with unique images and text depending on what site they come from, where they’re located and more. You can change your website experience to better connect with who each person is and what they’re looking for.

Although personalization initially seems to be focused on data, emotion is a critical aspect. Personalization breaks through the internet clutter to connect with consumers on a deeper level. It provides a way for brands to acknowledge that you are different from visitor number 9532, so your needs and motivations are too. And once we determine what those are, we can provide consumers with a personalized website that speaks to them. We can make a mark and inspire brand loyalty.

Are you ready to stop settling for failure? Take the first step toward planning for personalization and read our white paper today. In it, we outline the basics of personalization, as well as the need for custom content and opportunities to increase conversion rates.

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