Dynamic Images in Beta

After working closely with customers over the past few months, we saw that the most common use of Dynamic Styles was for images - customers are dynamically changing images on their website based on a visitor's segments. Doing this in a dynamic style, however, can sometimes be a bit complicated.

So, today, we're happy to announce the (beta) availability of Dynamic Images in all plans!

Similar to content, Dynamic Images can be set up with multiple image variations and a default. Each variation has its own segment conditions and can be sorted into the priority order you wish to follow.

Persosa Dynamic Images

Just like all other features of Persosa, no additional code/tags are required for your website - Dynamic Images uses existing elements on your website by referencing CSS selectors. It can change the src value of a basic <img> or the background image of a <div>.

Hosted images

Customers on the Acquire, Real-time Engagement, and Enterprise plans have access to Hosted Images. With this feature, you can upload an image directly into Persosa and have it reliably stored and served by our CDN.

Hosting an image with Persosa greatly reduces the friction to managing images and allows them to be served to your website visitors faster thanks to our CDN.

Read more about how to use Dynamic Images in our help center or log into your account to try it out for yourself.